Saturday, January 29, 2011

Preventing Crimes not committed...

What a great way to make sure of your success rate, counting the number of potential crimes not committed because of your strenuous efforts to prevent them. It has been ten days since I was stopped from taking over an aircraft and flying it into a building killing everyone in the kill zone. Of course, before y'all allowed stupid fearful fools to expand their power zone and feeling of superiority - I had flown on many aircraft, many miles and never took one over, killed everyone at the crash site, and had always carrying a weapon of some kind. Anyway, they are still trying to decide if it is safe to allow me the return of the property I left in their care, they are better at handling electronic images than actual weapons. Ten days, the Pony Express was faster, although that trip across the US by ox cart would take awhile.

I know that they don't really fear me, but I was thinking about concealed carry and how I justify it. I have been asked why I need extra magazines, heard someone asking why anyone needs large capacity magazines, so the question has to be out there - why do I need to carry a firearm. Well, the truth is I don't need... I am carrying a firearm, the need has disappeared. I don't ask Time magazine why they need to carry story after story of a mass murderer, with pictures and a TIME cover. They did it, and I don't have to buy it, I don't have to see the face of a failure... of his family, our society, and himself as a human being. He is so sad, and stupid enough that he pleads not guilty to the charges filed against him.

I am very comfortable wandering around armed and in control of my tendency to shoot all the stupid people in the world, probably because I am still sane - not really in tune with notoriety (some people will do anything for time on television - Paris Hilton?) and I know I have to be responsible for my LIBERTY, cause those folks in government service seem to have real problems with the idea that I could be trusted to carry a weapon upon an aircraft, through the streets and into eternity. I am also pleased with the reaction of everyone around me to my menacing attitude and the concealed pistol - they never noticed, but then I am probably smiling and happy. I am not happy about the illegal searches without probable cause... but then the Constitution was not meant to be obeyed, was it? Deprived of property without due process of law, never mind, I really didn't study LAW and only read the Constitution annually.

I did go to Stevenson, for a Memorial to a departed shooter, instructor, and good friend of many. I stopped at the restaurant where I ate an instructor dinner with him and others and dropped my Shoot Boss hat on the floor, sure enough they still had it and I have it again. I wore it as I stood as part of the flag line. He was a chainsaw, shooting, and rescuing kind of man, anything for helping others and using the proper tools. An honor to honor him and have known him, and added my two cents worth of his memory to his memorial tribute. His long time friends said it much better, but still good to be there for him. As I stood, almost at rigid attention holding the flag for long time, I had to remember all that I had put in cold storage after leaving the long suffering enlisted ranks of numerous rehearsals and then final performance for the reviewing stand... didn't lock my knees so didn't fall on my face. I also have one comment for all those really lovely women in their very sexy clothes with high heeled boots, don't walk by the people standing at attention and on guard, walk away from them turn and walk back towards them and smile - you will make their day. And they won't smile back, but they will never forget you either.

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