Monday, February 7, 2011

I know what they really mean...

Rapidly Aging is right there behind Death by Recliner, I didn't wake up until 7:45 PST, must have been tired.

I would like to propose a law that no Democrat nor Republican may bear arms in the United States of America, they aren't adult enough, sane enough, mature enough nor polite enough. Those not affiliated need the label of 'can take care of them, by self' so they can make their own decision. But ZERO tolerance for armed political parties - they harken back to different colored shirts and armies of ancient history and that is dangerous to stray dogs and little children.

The reason fine cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago have restrictions on guns has to do with the protective city fathers (and mother-hens)that know all their people are still little children. Failure of the education system?

I have my own opinion about child raising, tempered by my good wife's touch, and I know that I can safely own and have firearms with children around, but I have to work at it. My own work schedule, child's life and priorities met that he says he could learn a little more about shooting now (over thirty-three) but I have the time, now he has the work schedule problems. Golfing and skating are good for him but I like the Triathelons best.

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