Sunday, February 6, 2011

The SuperBowl is today... but who are those other...

Excuse me, I am a bit disoriented, saw a Woodland Camo uniform hanging on a door knob and my name is on it, but not my badges nor war party... US Navy, oh, just my son's. I am reminded they are three camo improvements since I retired, and the new Army digital is great (although I haven't seen it) but the Navy's is really dark. It isn't the same military, he shoots rifles at fifty yards for urban and jungle operations, I think the farther the better.
I was hanging around the Air Force, C17s (a newer bird than my jump history) and was interested to see the size, the electric plug outlets, the number of personal tech toys for entertainment, the airmen taking bicycles to their next exercise areas. I rode out and back with a young soldier, they are all young now, our schedules fit in both directions. I once had my hair cut that close. Going I didn't sleep hard, but coming home I stretched out and dreamed. On the way back I sat beside another old guy - jogging shoes, levis, jacket and Air Force polo shirt, he was reading a Kindle and I wanted to know about what he thought, so he took the time to hand it to me and answer my questions, laugh about the pink purse he carried it in (it was a gift for his wife). As we landed a LTC came back to talk to him (note to self, this was someone important to the Air Force). We all packed up, cleaned up the trash and unloaded to ride to the terminal, there was a special van waiting for him, which he didn't take but thanked the driver (yep, one of the good ones). At the terminal he stopped to talk to one of the women passengers, and told her what he had found out or set up in Tacoma for one of her needs, yep, one of the good ones. I left with my bags and the young soldier asked where I was headed, and I asked where he needed to go. I was following a good example, my father's. Took him home.
Yes, the television is on the SuperBowl, I am not a godless communist and I have hopes that the game will be great. But I don't need the sound on for commercial interruptions, or mindless commentators - I can tell when they are playing great ball. My grandson will end up playing soccer then he will be a potential rugby player, although we don't do that sport justice in the US. When listening to his parents about his future education the foreign language came up, my son thinks he will get more out of Mandarin than Japanese or Korean, and disregard all the European ones. He isn't really talking, but he is building his vocabulary for when he gets done playing with his tongue out. He communicates well with his parents using simple sign language - which my wife knows a little of from her work in Childcare, I don't know enough - but if he wants my attention a full body slam works.

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Old NFO said...

Glad you got some good time with Son and Grandson Earl! Those days are precious!