Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Numbers and books, caught somehere between...

I am getting close to finishing the Quicken program and finding out how deep into debt I am, not counting what the politicians think I owe the government. But I had to go out and get medicine and stop at the local library. On my way home I saw my wife driving off to her work.

In the mailbox was the normal advertisements and one official letter from GE Money Bank, Creditor for my wife. So I opened it and found she had applied for credit with JC Penny - while on a shopping trip with a friend. They, the store and her friend lured her into that with promises of a discount for what she was buying. What I found interesting was that her request could not be approved at this time. I know she carries more cash than what she was buying, has more in her savings than she NEEDS, but it is hers. And finally I know that I am probably good for anything she can't handle if she wants or needs it.

Well, that credit scoring system has determined she did not score well compared with other applicants. The CREDIT BUREAU REPORTS APPLICANT IS DECEASED, is there a lawyer out there that wants to sue somebody with money - the business is giving me pain and suffering like I can never stand.

If it were important or my wife has to go to the LORD now because of this, I will be looking for a building or two to blow up. I figure this is just another attempt to make old people afraid of the world of finance, and this fine company would love to help us out. My wife will miss me when I am gone. Yes, she will.

On a more positive note, although blowing buildings up is mostly a happy thing for me, I did get some reading at the library.

"The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We can do about it"
by Angelo M. Codevilla

"HAIKU" by Andrew Vachss

"The Crack in the Lens" by Steve Hockensmith

"Children No More" by Mark L. Vane Name

"George Washington's FIRST WAR: His early Military Adventures" by David Clary

"BLOODLANDS : Europe Between Hitler and Stalin" by Timothy Snyder

Should be able to get them at your library, but then you don't read what I do, do you?


Old NFO said...

Actually I do Earl, I've been reading Vachess for years, and I've also read Name! The Clary book sounds interesting also.

Re the credit, good luck with ANY of that... sigh...

Earl said...

My wife has her own credit card, and since they have always honored it and forwarded the few bills I know they think she is very much alive. Credit isn't her problem, trying to be a nice shopping friend and take advantage of JC Penny's offer is only a weakness, she likes cash much more. But only the Gun shop gives you ten percent mark down for CASH, debit and credit cards are honored but they agree with my wife, cash is king.