Friday, February 25, 2011

Woke up after a solid ten to seven sleep, great!

Thanks for the time, opinions, and positive nature in which you responded. MUCH appreciated! :)

Hmm, nice response to my and other's nice responses. Positive nature -- doesn't that seem like a change from the UNCIVIL nastiness out there in television land and on the internet, in the lines at the gas pumps, in the wait for your drink at the bar...

My life on FarmVille is just endlessly fascinating... my only rule is I don't pay real dollars for virtual toys, and as long as it is free I will play to help my neighbors, build a wonderfully amusing life I have never lived. I was tempted to buy the Magic Waterfall for my Fairytale Fantasy corner of the farm. As I put up various homes for visitors I keep thinking I am building a bed and breakfast farm. I finally got a free tree house, the Leprechaun's Cottage, and put it in my Irish cottage place. Although I thought a small stone with thatch roof was more an Irish cottage. Some days I think FarmVille is just like John Wayne movies - entertaining but much too clean and politically correct. Have to go to one of my war games or violent videos for a dose of ugly reality.

Speaking of which, I have not started Bloodlands and Tam has finished hers, I am still working through the author's 20th Century opinion of an 18th Century's young man on his first war and his constant climb up the ladder and away from his mother, but always caring for his family and friends. NFO will have to bite his tongue if he ever starts that book, or put it down and go find something to sooth the savage in himself like I do. I have never liked reading of war by those that didn't go, by those that didn't have an investment in the outcome. Tam comes out and offers her next read: Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization. Looks like another must read. I am sure that those inside the civilization and culture do not understand everything going on around them, reality being ninety percent perception, and ten percent totally misunderstood or not noticed at all.

Elected, selected, evolved leadership in the world brought you WWI, WWII and the continuing mess we are in. Just because we aren't nuking the neighbors because they are Godless Communists (Cuba, China, Vietnam and North Korea come to mind) doesn't mean we have prevented untold suffering and injustice nor helped them make their world a better place to be in. And for all you GUN CONTROL fools out there, remember waiting on the US NAVY or anyone else to help you when meeting with unlawful gun toting pirates (who are only trying to improve their station in life) then you must depend on the LORD for your salvation, which I do believe is a great thing, and be satisfied that you died on earth for your belief in a better place that has been prepared for you. Now the rest of us humans had better look around and work on making something nice out of the PC pig's ear. Oops! that should be a 'Pig's Era'.

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