Friday, February 25, 2011

When you want to see yourself as others see you.

I did a quick video of me, and all I was looking for was that guy that everyone is afraid of, you know the Concealed Carry Permitted that is going to shoot it out with the guys at the OK Corral (which I don't think I would have been there - I would have been reading a book or shoveling street apples). Yep, I was going to drive my wife to her work on post, and that is one of those "No Concealed Carry permitted by order of the Commander" areas in my life. Which means you can carry openly? Nah, I don't think so, they probably have a rule about carrying a firearm, while not in uniform, and its condition. I don't even want to get into all the rules, there are too many, but they do give you a sign that tells you that they don't permit something. Sure enough, they checked my wife's and my ID at the gate and waved us in, could have searched the vehicle if they wanted, it has lots of ammunition, targets and survival, combat, camping gear and snacks. Anyway, I was successful in delivering my wife, her potluck salad, and stuff to the Childcare Center where she works - without shooting up anyone. Of course it was because I wasn't carrying a firearm, there had been a sign on the road.

I couldn't tell you I was carrying, one of the rules about having a Concealed Carry Permit in the fine State of Washington where I got mine, is that I am not to tell anyone that I am carrying concealed - that does make sense, really. If I tell someone that I have a concealed firearm - it isn't concealed any longer and becomes a threat to everyone that sees it. I don't know if librarians would be happy to see me, I am in that retirement mode, not mattering if I put my teeth in, shave or polish my shoes (I was wearing Rubber Mucking boots) so I wasn't too beautiful, but then I had showered and shampoo'd. Breda would tolerate me, I am a quiet book browser, all my computer time is at home unless on the road where public libraries and public access ROCK!

In our conversation on the way, my wife and I discussed many things. One of the things I latched upon was that I value time more now than dollars. There was a day when dollars needed counting and investing and saving, now time is critical. That life style of retirement, Every Day is Saturday except Sunday, is not shaving, wearing sweatsuits, drinking your favorite beverages in front of the boobtube and hoping that something exciting will happen after enduring the four minutes of commercial interruption... Time, there isn't enough, the Rich have it all and they aren't sharing enough with the poor folks. When I told my wife how much our grandson owes in taxes when he can't say nor conceive the word yet - there must be something wrong.

Nah, there couldn't be, notice in the picture it may be cold but that Sun is shining and my sidewalk and drive were cleaned up yesterday.

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Old NFO said...

Earl, NOW is the time to do all those things we wanted to, but couldn't... The real issue NOW, is having enough $$ to actually do all those things... sigh...