Thursday, March 10, 2011

How do you tell you are in a old couple's home?

Well, they are watching the weather channel, no matter what the worry is, the music is pleasant and they know what waits outside their door. Back to Tim Conway's tottering ol' man shuffle folks. My wife is feeling better, her dreams last night were of losing her car I wondered if it was in a super sized parking lot at the other end of a mall. Found food for the hungry on the porch this morning, one of her church lady friends had come by and dropped it off. We probably didn't hear the doorbell or it was later than we were up, she has been doing some very heavy sleeping.

Do you like the picture? I decided that would make a great refrigerator magnet, so I asked if they had one for sale - nope. Okay, they will let me use the picture, and I have it now to FedEx (Kinkos) for them to transform that into a four by four cool thing to spread about the world of Earl, small world that it is it is all mine to play in. I changed my sign in a bit on the Appleseed forum. I once had "In Love and Liberty abide." but really what I meant and it says now "In the Lord's Love and Liberty abide."

I had an email from my son and my response to a part of it proudly announced I had four good road workouts last week, pride coming before the fall. This week I will have three visits to trained medical personnel, sigh. I thought I could get away with two, and I know I can change the bloody bandages or my also medically trained wife could if she weren't ill. My father was right, both parts of the pair shouldn't be ill at the same time. Anyway, after getting a really cool visit at the Army Hospital yesterday (they still call me Sergeant Major like I deserved it) I got a telephone call about my x-ray and needing more professional evaluation. Well, I don't do cancer so I will be interested in finding out what more professional evaluations will tell me about Earl that I may not want to know.

One only gets so much time in life, and there are only so many things one has done that they can look back on and be really stand up and testify proudly about. I have a couple. Back to procrastination and reading David Weber.

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