Thursday, March 10, 2011

More signs of Spring...

The dairy ladies came by, knocking on my door. I answered without my shotgun, semi-auto rifles or pistols. They were very nice, offering: fresh, local, all natural dairy products delivered to my door, minimum order five dollars. I would give you their number or webpage but it is a local thing. Smith Brothers (didn't they make cough drops?) Farms. I kept the stuff, they did give me a sample of chocolate and two percent milk in a half pint cartons. They do sell other stuff, not all natural, chocolate milk always has sugar. Out of Kent, hadn't seen their truck in this area at all, but since the development we live in didn't exist sixteen years ago and they have been in business ninety years the old horses may have never done this route.

Which reminds me of one of the stories about my grandfather Will Dungey, he was one of the first folks to get an automobile in his area, Iowa at the time I believe, and was often praised for being a trend setter. But everyone knew he liked to tinker and make things work mechanically but the reason I mention this was his opinion of the utility of it against the horse and buggy. *Well, I could drop the reins and the
horse would still find his way back to the barn. Can't do that with an automobile."
Why did grandma blush when he said that?

Someone found me, to get in contact with my wife, through facebook, I guess NCIS will know where I am when they want me. My wife is happily talking to the lady from Northern Virginia (Alexandria area).

I went out and did some stuff, need to check the mail, but the gusts have been tearing limbs off of trees and slamming trees down with the rain, which goes from pleasant shower to thumping lumps of water, to SUN breaks! Which my wife's indoor gardening appreciate, they haven't gotten anywhere near their limit on sunshine yet.


Old NFO said...

Nice little set of plantings Earl, and yeah we're getting the same WX back here on the East Coast.

Long-time RN said...

The orchid plant looks lovely. Winds are howling here in the Midwest helping erase the last traces of snow.

Hope spring brings improvement in both you and your wife's health.