Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I know you really mean well when you help them...

I mean we can be as wonderful a Country as President Carter thought we were, and we can convince the Rebels and the Evil One Man (or Woman) ruler to allow more Freedom and Democracy. But I give you examples of that policy of America being such an Exceptional Nation in its goodness, graciousness. No one read Blackhawk Down, no one studied the Vietnam Adventure?

It is true there were no American Forces involved in the Kwanju population census correction. But the Commander of ALL the FORCES in Korea was definitely an American, his only problem he didn't speak Korean, and wasn't a classmate of the Generals moving Korean troops in their Republic. Mr. President (Obama) you may want to defend the innnocent, but you will take responsibility for the deaths that follow your actions, and I don't think those wonderful Rebel forces know where they are going any more than you do. Even General George Washington didn't KNOW what the Congress was going to do, he had enough trouble getting pay, uniforms, food, ammunition and such from them -- and he had the British to beat, every once in awhile.

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