Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yes, I am going to live as long as you are...

Thank you for asking. I know that I am not going to live one more day than the Lord allows. Now what I have done with all that time, I surely will have to answer for. Ah, procrastination - I just can't get it all done in time, can I?

So simple soul that I am, I give you a life hung upon the wall. Now I didn't grow up watching the Smurfs, but I thought they were mostly harmless but an interesting view of our world. So this Hunter Orange thing hangs upon my wall in several homes I have had, since about 1980 something. The Cookie Monster on top is my favorite Sesame Street character, for his love of cookies and being Blue and of few words, he is skateboarding because of my son's love of that sport. The Sun with the shades was discovered during a jog and I picked it up, don't know where the M&M Christmas thing came from, perhaps a fine gift. The candies are long gone, the fat remains? Had to have the paratrooper hanging from the chimney, I have been to St Mere and seen the bell tower, I never got hung up although I claim one tree and water landing of my many jumps, the Air Force only promises to get you close to the Drop Zone.

The quiet pensive fellow in the attic was me looking for treasures, some that I had stored but many attics were full of my grandparents' past, now it is in the storage unit somewhere. Watchman with lantern, angel not touching the earth or the floor, nurse with a needle, took my final flu shot in 1994, haven't had one since and don't think I have had the flu since either. Papa Smurf in Red for Christmas? Papa Smurf as Captain with spyglass, Cream sickle (yeah, that one is me!). Soccer, son and I played - I badly but I had enthusiasm. Brushing the teeth, something I didn't do well enough. Policeman, a Bobby actually. Candlelight to bed. Purple robes for graduation and briefcase for off to work to pay for it. Linus, can't play the piano, but do love the blanket. Torch bearer, pirate (once thought they were so cool, I was so wrong), Smurf cookie lover - still Blue! School bound with backpack of books. True Love, or Cupid in Blue. Savage of otherness, I always liked spear chuckers - the sword has only one real use the spear is better for peaceful pursuits, like leaning upon while resting. Mandatory Cowboy, for my real youth and as an important myth of America. Painter, I like to think I was gifted that way. Rolling pin, my mother and wife and making pie crust, and sugar cookies and smiles in my memory and heart. Karate Gi has meaning, too. Hiker, oh yes, one of the great social things in Germany, Volksmarching. Writing - before bloggin? oh, yeah, quill pens. German Postman. Snoopy as WWI flying ace! Mermaid, you do believe in mermaids don't you? Lass graduating from High School, one of Harry Potters flying tormentors (found on another jog). Another drummer! And English Olympic torch bearer. Smiley face compressed, still smiling. Conductor about to begin. Smurf boy checking to see if his nose is really too long. I think the Smurfette is missing a writing instrument. Just below her is a shark about to be beaten down by Smurf with major mallet. Found the shark (it is only a half of one) on a jog. The little fuzzy fellow from Star Wars was found forgotten along the road. The Smurf leaning on his shovel was from a Washington State pothole crew, the hole is still there. BARBIE! Baby! What is so plastic about many American women is there, in plastic. I don't blame Barbie so much as guys like me drooling over HOT. No, it isn't really me drooling, that is me laughing at such foolishness. Ever see the costume makeup for theater in Asia? Can't see the beauty of the people underneath, but you do get the story faster. Cooky with the clean spoon and the overflowing pan of goodness. The lovely ballerina. Under her is the Irish Smurf, hurling is a sport, better have good legs. Sometimes I think that Lacrosse and hurling had a common starter game, but then Atlantis sunk. The boy Smurf with the money bag is from Britain - since that is a Royal Treasury arrowhead. A Smurf Soldier - with halberd, almost a spear but better for fighting than leaning upon, great for striking fear. And last one of those newer cartoon characters from Asia that I don't know about, but found along the road waiting for someone to pick him up and save him. Dusting is needed, my grandmother would have shaken her head.

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Old NFO said...

Interesting collection... I'm always amazed at the things that military folks collect that are 'unexpected'!