Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lucky you, I get Canadian Broadcasting...

Manbridge One on One, today interviewing the author of Triumph at Kapyong. Timely, it will be the sixtieth anniversary of the battle. Must be a nice group of guys, even if most of them were Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, what a name! Going to have to get the book from the Library, Kapyong, Korea. Aren't you glad the internet is really international?

Yep, my choices of subject were the 18th Birthday of WR, but she is on the range with her family doing Appleseed in Lewiston, Idaho, or so I think. I wished her well on two social networks, do you remember eighteen? When I turned such, I had draft registration only, no drinking, no voting... life was simpler.

Or I could tell you that I have gotten to the extreme point of having to move buttons on my jacket (that once I moved because I was thinner than it) back to where I still look fat but can at least close the jacket so it is more difficult to reach my firearm. I was carrying in church, my wife is working the kitchen this afternoon, so she gave me a purse to carry. Gucci? it is a fake with logo knockoff, but the men didn't worry about me carrying a purse, except one of them. One mentioned that he hadn't noticed I was carrying. Now the truth is the bag had two Bibles inside of it, and a pen. But I think it looks like a purse. I still like the idea of a bag, put pistol inside, grenades, flares, all kinds of plastic credit cards, passport, dollars and stuff! But then I would still be carrying the Bible. Think about that, in some countries they treat people carrying a Bible the same way Illinois Law Enforcement Officers treat people carrying pistols? I could get a two-fer there, couldn't I? Well, back to research on the state of war against the EVIL guy in charge in Libya. 10 Billion in gold to pay his army with, all America has is Iou's bought by Chinese Communists and other capitalist investors.


Old NFO said...

Good points Earl- I some countries carrying a bible WOULD get you shot...

SPQR said...

Nice purse, Earl.

Matthew Skaj said...

Hey Earl,
My Bible Cover has this written on it:
"This Book is Illegal in 52 Countries, Restricted by 38 Nations and considered Hostile in 14 areas of the World."


Take Care Brother,
Boba Fett (aka Matthew Skaj)