Saturday, March 19, 2011

So how do you know it is almost Spring?

Other folks are shooting in Lewiston, Idaho and I am stuck cutting down the swamp grass and mushing the mole tunnels in my yard, in preparation for tonight's Ladies Bible Study. Ah, I should not complain, I will get to eat so well. But I could have flown to Hawaii, or gone to Idaho shooting pictures or something... Men and women are different. They do need to find someone of the opposite nature and pair up. Now, this is where Earl gets in trouble, as a generality: Men have more risk tolerance - willing to go beyond comfort more often than women. Women are much better able to ponder the what-ifs, as a team it works well for a future. When one dominates the pair the swing goes one way or another, and that is sad. Balance is besser.

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Old NFO said...

Balance IS better, as long as the balance remains intact :-)