Friday, March 18, 2011

Permanent press, drip dry, and wrinkle free!

Part of the every day is Saturday except Sunday, is no hurry to press one's shirts - although I remember long ago when the idea of a shirt needing ironing because of a leap of technology was laughable. So as part of my clean up for guests is also getting the shirts out of the clean laundry basket, I did the pillow cases, too.

Now I cannot watch television, being anti-botherME mostly, disgusted by commmercials and network news, so being a long time casualty of Vietnam and anti-war foolishness I popped "Go Tell The Spartans" 1978 into the VCR and ironed away. I do think Burt Lancaster does very well in last ditch efforts against the tide of terror. This movie and Zulu Dawn are very similar - And then he did Atlantic City (which I don't own because it isn't about war, so broken am I). I have my core Vietnam War films, this one is one of my favorites - too much truth in it. As I watched and enjoyed the story I knocked out some shirts and now to the computer cave for more cleaning and organizing. Stuff, too much stuff...

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