Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is the last picture... shown...

I had an old girl friend in my dreams last night, beautiful girl from high school, don't you love how people you haven't seen in years never age? It was mostly unremarkable for many reasons, but I was comfortable with her and we certainly didn't do anything worth writing about, but I don't do dreams about other people often so I figure something is rippling in the universe from her life and lapping against mine. I could call her, write her but will probably just pray that she is fine with whatever is happening. That God is watching over her. That is probably the best thing I could do in almost every circumstance.

"Don't you care?" of course I care, "Don't you want to KNOW?" No, if I need to know I will be told, honest.

I went to church alone today, my wife is ill. The Pastor wanted to convert the heathen, or reinforce the stalwart believers. I was there for the drums and my wife's friends' husbands. And my soul to save. I would get a cuppa coffee and half a doughnut at the talk after and then go home. My wife's friend dropped off soup for her. I bought a book for a children's reading program, Where the Sidewalk Ends by Silverstein, didn't see the complete Rudyard Kipling, although they probably would have found it if I had insisted, Silverstein included artwork. But I need to re-read The Ballad of East and West, once I start there isn't much stopping will read the others that always call to me. Then I am of another generation - someone named us 'Boomers' for when we were born, but seeing what the popular kids did with all we had I am ashamed, so sorry. We could have been really great, but were more like Bill Clinton than George Washington, Adams or Jefferson. Y'all have a great day.

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Yoda of Math said...

I loved Where the Sidewalk Ends! Enjoy.