Monday, March 7, 2011

This is not a Quaker Oats commercial...

Up too early for no good reason, but was thinking as I was making the coffee. Thinking without the coffee is not recommended to try at home.

When I think about old empires, civilization collapsed and archeologists, and I do always because someone will be along behind us to find out where we went wrong, what took us out. And as I looked around my kitchen I knew this wasn't going to be found in the far, far, far future. And it does explain a lot about who we are. The Pastor mentioned that he could see a lot of the false gods someone spent too much time with when he visited homes. Might be why I never invite the Pastor, nah, I probably figure they have more important people to help. My wife declared as I went off to sleep last night that if she quit coughing she would be going to work today. There is silence from the bed now that I have departed. I think I will get an appointment at the Radiology Department today (was advised to about six months ago) and see a doctor. Y'all take care out there, what are you going to be leaving behind?


Old NFO said...

"Thinking without the coffee is not recommended to try at home." SO. TRUE.

Hope the appointment is nothing serious.

Earl said...

Well, it is serious enough I am hiding it from my wife since she has her own Springtime cold, flu and cough to conquer. But then life has always been serious, I enjoy it too much.