Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day at the Range, okay, just a few hours...

Went to Church, enjoyed the singing, the Sermon (that Pastor was stirred up about preaching from The Bible, not some man's thoughts of Life - sorry Dr Phil), had coffee after, brought my wife's two new folding table to store until needed. There are many things in my home that are stored until needed. Sigh.

Since my wife was with the Deacons or ladies' meeting, I came home alone and went out to shoot. Have my priorities in order, I do have to get new homes for some of my firearms. They are stored until needed, but you only need one rifle --- like you only need one opinion on things. Right?

So I was driving happily toward JBLM (no one uses words anymore, do they?) and a group of four motorcycles passed me and the first rider got my attention and pointed to my left rear wheel - I wondered what he saw, figured it must have been the bumper sticker on the back of the Caravan, Look Out for Motorcycles!. It wasn't, the tire looked low. Well, I parked on Range 15, the Army guys in digital camo were shooting up a storm on 16 and 17, probably Guard or Reserves. I paid my fee, got my target and went out to shoot. I noticed as I went to the fifty yard line, somebody doesn't shoot a target well, there was a ditch dug by badly aimed bullets. Took a picture, when I had my target up, I put my camera on video and filmed Earl backing away from the target and Earl approaching the target, it was sitting on the target frame. Turned it off and took the camera with me - if they were digging ditches to the targets, someone would miss and hit my camera. I fired some rounds and looked at the Caravan and knew it wasn't going to make it home. Time to change to the spare.

Now I have been reading bloggers about being ready for TEOTWAWKI, or anything else like stuck in mud or snow or just out of gas where no one will ever be by... so I have a few things to get through to find the tire, the jack and tool. Now, after many automobiles in my long life... where are they on this one? I was kindly offered by another shooter, two cans of quick fix for flats so I could get to a service station. I thanked him but told him that this was one of those things I need to do every once in a while. Really was kind of him to offer. But then he was a shooter, would lend you almost anything except the ammunition that he was planning on shooting himself. And if he felt friendly, he might let you fire a few rounds, but they aren't cheap.

So I found the spare, found the jack and the tool, and took one off and put the other on. I can still handle little bumps in my day, now where are those women to die for? Oops she was at a church meeting. Les Schwab visit in the morning and clean and repack the automobile. Anyone know why a person with one head would need ten different hats to cover it? Yeah, me neither.


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Old NFO said...

Glad things worked out in the end Earl- Changing tires IS a PITA...