Friday, April 1, 2011

Okay. they got angry and deadly in Afghanistan...

Heard it today, seven United Nations personnel killed by angry mob (why don't they say alleged?). Afghan policemen or security were disarmed and ineffective in protecting the United Nations personnel.

Earl's advise, Western Civilized Powers leave Afghanistan, today -- when they grow up they will ask for what help they need, until then we just provide targets and training for worse behavior. I know, you won't take my advice, you just aren't smart enough.

Now, as to what started this. Media need for viewers to sell advertising time. That was it, that was all that caused this turmoil and trouble. I mean, we have Twin Towers coming down, we have Synagogue, Abortion Clinics and Church bombings, we have burning American flags, Bibles, Drive-by shootings, Rapes, Missing children, Missing Women, missing tourists in Mexico and the Caribbean... I have been watching. So I know all the medicines I don't want to take - three for erectile dysfunction - give me a break. So the media wants to cause a crazy preacher with little following in Florida (there are Millions of people in Florida he wouldn't reach if it weren't for Mainstream Media) - and No! I don't know if he has a blog of his blather. But the media, looking for drama, will cover his burning of a book he says was the Koran so they can fly it to Afghanistan to stir the pot during interviews with Afghanistan leaders (I did note they didn't go to Saudi Arabia to see if it met with the King's approval). This forces a little more drama and the enraged Muslim Population pours out its anger at becoming part of the improved medical miracle sales in American, home of the Great Satan, that they find some token Western Perverts to kill... Actually, cutting the head off of one. I would be more forgiving of the MSM except I have to sit through hours of commercial interruptions to find some good news.

Good news in the battle for equality of the sexes, since it costs five thousand dollars for medical treatment for OBESE woman as opposed to two thousand six hundred for medical treatment for men (men dying much quicker for being so fat). I will have to pay so much less for being an obese wreck of a man... thank you Governor of Arizona. Some ideas are just what we need to tax to learn how stupid government can get. Let us introduce starvation and fifteen hundred calorie diets - it worked so well for Hitler, look at how suave he was. I know, he wasn't eating only fifteen hundred calories a day.


Old NFO said...

Earl, agree with you on the MSM... It's not about real reporting, but about $$.

Earl said...

They were alleged to be angry, they were alleged to be a mob --- I am very sure they weren't carrying a banner that said "Angry Mob", they didn't have any known affiliation with the International Mob Union, and the state of their "temper" has not been determined by competent mental authorities. That was so much fun. The real reason they don't use alleged is that there aren't any lawyers that will come after them for describing the murderers in said manner. The UN staff should have been armed and dangerous, they may still have died but more costly.

As I really don't believe in the devil or Satan, I don't wish to clutter my life with really stupid people doing movies called "Jack Ass" nor preachers of a Gospel Christ never preached that burn books for his (the preacher's) glorification on television - Heavens judgment awaits them all. Oh, that goes double for the media feeding frenzy, there are too many good stories of good people doing great things - why am I even listening to the fools (MSM)? I should grow up.