Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't mind be, my head has swollen...

Someone actually posted that Earl was a Legend and a Patriot. Not true for many reasons, especially since Patriot has become one of those strange words the Media twists so well, and the extreme folks on one side or another of an issue. And if I were a Legend - then I wouldn't be real, just the character told about in stories... living only in the mind of the teller and the listeners. Still it was nice to be noticed as I continue to fade away - old soldiers you understand.

I did feel really great about a point that was made in the follow ons: is it not the measure of a man to have others claim that he has, "helped me to be a better person,"? Is the legacy of America not in its teachers and the number of men about whom could be said, "through me, you've taught many more,"? based on the comments of two of the other posters. That really was said very well, now that has made it impossible to wear a hat for days and days.

This is a very good weekend for shooting folks, the BoomerShoot is going on Friday through Sunday in Idaho, that is too cool. Also the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh. So Breda and a team from the Appleseed Project are there. Breda is posting on Facebook with her iPhone, hope she hits the blog soon. She doesn't think well of the parking or lack of it and driving around Pittsburgh trying to get to the convention. Still, it is a great weekend to be a shooting American, or one that tries to be a shooting American. One of the Appleseeders got to fire a fifty caliber Barrett in Idaho, that young man knows how to have fun shooting.

I jogged gently but faster today, rode my motorcycle, started FarmVilling in England, only virtually, and read books, time for WWE Smackdown! Yes, my wife left me, Ladies Prayer Group tonight. Go shooting tomorrow! or ride your motorcycle.

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threecollie said...

Pretty cool, but then I found it pretty cool to meet you last summer and we often talk about it.