Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting out and about a bit...

I closed early "How We Fight" by Dominic Tierney, since he is not a fighter, not associated with war at all. So what his book is about is the difference between wars we must win, and those that we are nation building so we can go home when it gets too costly. This is all from his point of view from lesser Ivy League education and talking to other none fighters that write about What Was Written, citations are important. Too many words, and very pointless.

I have always figured that we pay too much for stuff from industry to win wars - and since the powers that be want uniformity it will be one rifle type, one machine gun type (good luck with that), and our heavier munitions will spend zillions on pin point accuracy (SMART? Bombs?) for AREA (larger the better) weapons. Really, those rocket that are fired from our drones, they aren't pin point accurate - honest. We just want to get close enough that when we bring the house down the falling bricks and tiles will kill someone. No, we don't know his name, sex, age or anything that gives us plausible denial, we don't know that was a wedding, since we weren't on the invitation list. Since they really don't want to spend money on training and human soldiers - they will spend lots more on bullets, bombs and electronic monitoring (spying by means other than human feet on the ground). Because the equipment, weapons, platforms and such are COSTLY, we need more Generals (and Admirals) than won World War II. Now, if you count all our victories since 1946, and the stupidity of trying to make fine foreign folks into poor copies of Americans, you could see why we will never balance the budget. Nineteen suicide pilots take out two buildings, hole in one (Pentagon, they built them tough in those days) and crashed an airplane that OUR Air Force would have shot down if they could have before it hurt someone. Now how many teams are waiting out there to take down the thousands of flights in America? And how much does TSA spend to squash their evil plans? Ah, the end is in sight.

Since I would want to defend my state, neighborhood, clan or tribal area - I would need neighbors that can shoot, have weapons and aren't gathered together for satellite imaging and TARGETED. Would have to dig with shovels, would have to hide and would have to be smarter than those folks from Western Civilization living on the internet and battery powers. And most of all, I would truly have to believe that God was on MY Side, that would be more important that who was in the Great Leader's Throne. When the enemy gathers, presents a fine target - the military can defeat them, when they are running around in little groups - running drugs, immigrating or doing criminal acts against the domestic populations - the great problem is that they are TOO SMALL TO WIN! The opposite of Too Big To Fail!

Too Small to Win! I like that, don't start counting those that were too small to win, you will find them everywhere - Victorious! in History.


Old NFO said...

And remember, the victors WRITE the history... :-)

Earl said...

Wasn't Enron on everyone's lips once, too big to fail?