Friday, April 8, 2011

Freedom, Liberty and the government shut down...

April 18th, 1775, General Gage, Governor, announces a shutdown of the government non-essential. His staff is packing up and the Shot Heard Round the World never happens.

The American Revolutionary War never began nor started, because the King and all his men went away and little old Provincials could get on with living, honestly.

Remember, the problem in the colonies was with the people in England that thought they knew what was best for America. If they had only shutdown the administration of the colonies, it would have been so much better.

I don't think the government shutdown is going to improve America, they are keeping the bad parts of the government in charge. Sigh, but it is a sign that things will be fine. A bit uncertain, but I can still see Mount Rainier on a clear day, and if weather were any portent of the wonder and glory of a complete government shutdown - today is going to be SUNNY after forty-one days of some kind of wet weather and dark clouds.

Luckily, the Bible still opens, prayers can still be sent. There is enough confidence in the currency and my credit cards that I can do my small business and travel a few miles before I rest. Liberty has a price, but the peace of mind... priceless -- oh, they aren't going to shut down the Media are they?

I honor of a great idea, Earl is going to get out of your monitor and you can breath easier knowing that I won't be updating - no longer having any government subsidy.

The picture above is not of Washington DC's beautiful trees, (thank you, Japan), but of the neighbor's. Enjoy the day.


Old NFO said...

This is the take away quote... "they are keeping the bad parts of the government in charge"

Earl, I'm not sure how much longer we WILL be able to open the Bible and take comfort in it, with these folks in charge...

Earl said...

Luckily, NFO, the Bible always works for us, and the Truth is the bad parts of the government only think they are in charge, but I Know better. I know in Whom I put my trust.