Thursday, April 7, 2011

It is my fault, we will just have to endure the pain...

I watched the Democrats blame the TEA party part of the Republicans for the Budget Impasse, although the Democrats had the majority when this budget wasn't passed last year before the election. I recall it was not passed so none of their names would be associated on SPENDING TOO MUCH! not before the election... Okay, or they are just incompetent, they really can't add and subtract, they hire other folks to do their income tax return. They have to, the current tax law is another example of incompetence.

I do know that I think the government should shut down. Eliminate all the none essential positions identified, PAY the Military - they really shouldn't work for free while the incompetents are haggling.... they do have the bombs and the bullets.
TSA is still working, why? BAFTE is still working sometimes, DEA is still working, you don't see any drugs in our fine cities, do you?

Well, I am off to the library and Bible distribution outside of a school, there is probably a law against giving out Korans, Bibles and Biblical text in any language in the public schools. But you really can't study human beings without study of their beliefs - unless you are just an archeologist.

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