Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So how is your part of the government shutdown going...

I remind everyone that I was labeled as non-essential twice with my State Employment, as Library Keeper. Three times if you count my taking a part-time position before it was eaten by not enough money from Bill Gates and such... At least that seems to be some folks' response to the government not being able to do everything for everyone - we just haven't taxed the corporations and rich folks enough. For me personally, it no longer matters - I was pretty depressed for a long time, but I was right that the part-time position wouldn't last, and that they weren't going to fund a library for a minimum security corrections center. McNeil Island has totally closed, although the library closed before they locked it all up.

I suggested closing down the BAFTE and TSA, that would really help because they don't really do enough correctly to justify the expense. Most of them are very fine people, hard working and loyal. But they weren't in George Washington's day, and don't need to be in mine. So what we need to do is really "Close it DOWN". No giving them money they aren't going to be working for, Seniority stops when the job closes, everyone rehired when we finally figure out what we are "needing" will be day one.

I have been listening to my brother tell me that America can't collapse - and I am certain that the IDEA of America will not collapse, but the country is in denial and needs to get right down to the total breakdown before sanity can be restored (yes, it is an addiction). I know that future loan requests are definitely going to be costly, many strings attached. Are you buying Savings Bonds? Are you buying Gold? or are you loading up on tools, food, fuel and bottled water?

I am liquidating much of my mess, too many guns, too many toys, too much stuff. Why? Well, I don't know the hour nor the day. You don't either, but it is going to be all over and who you care about may have to go on without you, just cleaning up your mess. Forty years more? four years more? four months more? four weeks more? four days more? or not another minute? Are you Saved? It won't matter in this world, will it? Revolution in America, revolution in France, revolution in Germany, Russia, China - all with different answers, most of those had to change governments after they won the war against oppression (fighting wars is the easy part, growing up is painful). So, why are we still in Iraq, Afghanistan, and off the waters and in the air over Libya? It is called stress adaptation - pile it on.

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