Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Friday,,,

I have been told my blog is depressing, but I think what is depressing is that some of what I say has dark implications. Sorry, I just finished reading Ruby Ridge by Jess Walter and that is just one of many sad stories that many don't want to hear nor understand.

I don't know where my wife is getting her news from, but she asked if I still had my gold ring. It is cool and has a fine looking dragon on it, since it is pure gold it doesn't do much for working duties. I keep it because it is 'an I love you' ring from my old girl friend, and has been through a couple of additions of more gold and better design. I also have the tie tack and some other gold stuff - we aren't selling yet. I found with the other rings my Mother's gift to me upon my graduation from College. She thought that was significant, so she sent me a ring from her jeweler for the occasion. It fits well has an amethyst, and I put it on to hold my replacement wedding ring on my ring finger, works. Just dripping jewelry, as long as it isn't earrings and posts.

Today has bright blue skies and after the cool morning jog and a hot shower I dressed for the ride - the Trusty Triumph was packed up to see what I could shake loose. Yeah, I know the picture is of a Harley and it is the Centennial model, 2003, on the floor at Destination Harley in Tacoma, Washington. I was riding my motorcycle with four fresh chances at Millions from the State Lotto, I should look - it is called shopping, which has nothing to do with buying.

Except for the ride, which was my only reason for getting dressed in my leather, armed to the teeth (which at my age means the phony ones), and going about business as better than normal.

So, limping while off the bike is permitted for the really old guys and geezers. Because when the bike is rolling, there is a feeling of POWER! Lean into that curve and roll on the throttle, you got to know the feeling. Once a few moons ago, years actually, I took those turns so slow and proper - now I lean deep and roll on, ride on. First I stopped to get those winning Lottery tickets, then went to my local library to drop off a book I just finished - I am stuck in the Liaden Universe of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Regency Romances with honor and codes and adventures and such - in much future space soap opera. While there I found out why Breda has silly men looking at her chest - since the Reference Librarian was displaying too many of her black lace covered charms - if the police tazered me and I died I would be sorry, but since she was just trying to shock me into the modern age - I just have to thank the foolish fashions... Business done there, it wasn't all for me I was passing through, I went off to Tacoma Public Library to renew my library card. The nice ladies at the desk remembered me, positively - so they were never my supervisors, and we chatted and I went to find my three books, right where they should be in proper order, and on that way out I grabbed a book called "How We Fight" which has always been an interest of mine - although what I think as a sixty-plus year old is so different than a sixteen year old. Probably has to do with twenty-seven years five months and one day in uniform at the needs of the Service. As I checked the books out the desk clerk asked if I had remembered her, her name? I did say that she wasn't wearing her name tag, and she said she didn't like her picture and was a bit too vain to wear it. I didn't tell her that her smile and friendly conversation trumped the picture ID so many ways. I probably remembered her name as I rode through town with the book bag on my back. I once carried my books and sandwiches in that messenger bag when I was biking through town long ago.

No to be depressing, but I have to log off, get dressed up, it is Good Friday and our church has a Communion Service tonight. Have a wonderful weekend for Sunday is Easter.


Old NFO said...

Earl, you tell the truth... THAT is what is important!

Jeffro said...

Well, I don't think your posts are depressing. A lot are inspirational, and I always get a smile reading about your love of power and cycling. Yes, I am a gearhead who loves to roll on the power in any vehicle.

Long-time RN said...

I don't think your posts are depressing either. Always felt they're honest and telling it like it is. Keep it real. Happy Easter to you and your family.

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