Thursday, April 21, 2011

How does Uncle Sam look to you?

He was once a strong vigorous older gent with a smile and gleam in his eye. Norman Rockwell could have done him justice. I Googled images of him and was saddened by the liberties taken with his image and the intent of the artiste. Ah, well, he is only a cartoon so it doesn't really matter does it?

The Nation is very much like the cartoon, thinking it is one way, overlooking the fat, the shaking weak arms, the drunken laughter at something not very funny at all, the beautiful plastic breasted and butted babes telling him how wonderful he is as they pick his pockets. He yells at the unruly neighbors, they tell him to mind his own business and if they are really big bad neighbors he doesn't mention to them what he sees and hears, if they spill over into his yard he puts up another fence and a sign "Posted".

The Nation and Uncle Sam are definitely in denial - unwilling to take a hard look at themselves, and start working to a healthier, happier and much better future.

I, personally, have given up hope on the American Government - until it gets out of the hands of the Imperials in Washington, DC with the 100 Princes in the Senate, and lobbyists and viziers and czars and poker playing buddies, well there just isn't anything to believe in except their greed and incompetence. I expect they aren't smart enough to try to destroy the country, they are for sure not smart enough to stop the destruction. But they will look good doing it, where is the make up artist and the wardrobe mistress? All done with teleprompters and High Definition and a blue screen background. Smoke and mirrors, magic shows. I know you don't follow the hosts of television news reporting - the only thing they want is your attention so they can sell advertising to business for profit. You want to believe better but they have been caught shaping the breaking news for more audience.

I don't want you to worry, the Sun is a great ball of flaming fuel and will be there after I am long gone and these words no longer haunt the universe. The Earth will abide. Yep, and wipe humanity off of it and bury the trash for eons...

I really don't want you to worry, how many countries in the last Century changed their government, fought wars and lost, fought wars and won and couldn't repay their loans, how many currencies became, devalued and disappeared, how many struggling people married raised a family and grew old in another country from the one they started in? How many languages do you speak, how many new words and items can you use to talk about your life? Things do change, don't fear the change - just scream and hang on! You and your country will die or you will just have something else to talk about "The Good Old Days".

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