Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I really need to put my favorite links back up...

When being mobile and wanting to visit and see what the worthy others wrote I don't want to Google each site. I should have the links I want on my webpage.

Just another example of bad judgment - seem to find more each year. I am sipping cool coffee after fighting through TurboTax and the IRS, they protect me from my foolishness so well. My frustration level rises from the first Computer response telling me how to get Spanish. Did I change countries or languages of power? No, and if you are offering Spanish, why not Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Swahili? Need I go on?

That is your well intentioned government trying to make sure that those of Spanish language are put in their place. Don't tell the well meaning that something is getting lost in translation. They didn't learn enough to know. What I want on computer answering is not some female voice putting sentences together to tell me what to do next. I want a totally mechanical, ice cold, even threatening my extinction if I don't push the correct buttons - something to remind me it is that heartless government that is going to TELL me what to do. I blame women already for the birth of all the fools on both ends of my conversations.

Well, if the Federal Government cannot understand, plan and operate on a balanced budget - if they have to print, tax and borrow more money than they know what to do with well - if all that applies must I think they would have a simple revenue plan?

I get tired of struggling against stupidity, because it can't change, it is too stupid. So I must free myself of the cage of watching NEWS (they don't pass the stupid test until you understand they are in the business of gaining audience for selling advertising time) watching and assisting elected officials (they don't pass the stupid test until I believe they are only protecting their interests and the well being of their circle of humanity). None of them will get me to better health, better peace of mind, and adult maleness my parents and family would be proud of - go jog, Earl. Go jog in the blue sky and lack of rain.

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Old NFO said...

Good point on the news... there is NO news without some slant (in any given direction). Hang in there Earl!