Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old man of few words.... HANNA

Wednesday, I go to the movies, I choose HANNA, you can read Frank W. James' review if you haven't been following him.

I have only this to say, I loved the movie, the art and the music really worked, and if I were rich I would send DVDs of it to the troops in Afghanistan. I expect the rip off circuit already has it, but it is worthy. Oh, I am still broken, I laughed out loud during all the wrong spots, and grinned like a silly teenager in all the cute ones (I am not totally insane, just certifiably... probably).

In the unasked for advertisements and commercial solicitations is the HBO production of Game of Thrones (if I caught the title right). This is what has been keeping George R R Martin from finishing his fantasy "Saga of Ice and Fire". Having read the early works of Rowling and Harry Potter and Robert Jordan and the Eye of The World (Wheel of Time series) I expect no good to come of visual replaying of what was so much better in my mind while I read the books. Jordan died and didn't finish his creation, it was given to a lesser copier of his vision (nice guy but not Robert Jordan). In the Rowling situation, she made movies before finishing her series, once I saw the wrong people on the screen I was sad and confused and stopped reading the series. Didn't see anymore of the movies either - did hear that everyone grew up and some died. It is okay, Mister Martin can finish his series or not, I won't be watching HBO, it is one of those select extra money for foolishness I don't want to pay for... remember you can all have your opinion about everything, I am not always right, although my wife is certain that she is not voting for Obama next election, and I am wondering if the Democrats can come up with a better candidate.

Movies I really thought I might see, Anonymous. I like computer generated London, to play. I was torn to watch Your Highness but it like many sites wants to load, and I have to wait, and it is rated R and isn't bloody nor sexual enough for me to give it that rating so that looks like a ploy to build audience, and except for Natalie Portman in cool leathers and Middle Ages fighting and frolicking, what would I get - two metrosexual clowns? pretending to be princes? sigh. John Wayne is dead isn't he? We do get the society we deserve don't we? I should go jog gently.

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SPQR said...

Though not a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, i can say that one of the better ways to experience it is the book on tape version. The reader is very good. They are read by Jim Dale, the guy who narrated Pushing Daisies.