Thursday, April 14, 2011

An American Nightmare...

No, I am not talking about my regular strange dreams, for some reason I am dreaming about revolvers, and I only own two, have never shot either.

No, the American Nightmare is that I will be taxed heavier if I succeed in business, win the Lottery or for wanting to do wonderful things with my money. I already know that a RICH person cannot give everything they own immediately to the poor or a charity - without the government making them pay taxes on half. That is the rule. No RICH man seeking the Kingdom of Heaven can give it all away, I know what the Bible says, and so do those godless politicians and so they made the rule. That was the kind thoughtful politicians before President Obama. Now I have it from his own mouth that he will tax my success more, to balance a budget and a government out of control with addictions to "more better faster and foolishly". I don't mind if he taxes that Russian Czar with the tiny giraffe and the sullen blonde groupies, but if that Russian were to come to the land of the tax me more for I have sinned of our President Obama, he would have to hope he has a return ticket.

Taxes are a BURDEN, taxes are a PUNISHMENT FOR SUCCESS, taxes are everyone's share of the STUPIDITY OF BAD GOVERNMENT. Taxes do not make me healthier - taxes do not make me smarter - taxes do not make me do good things - taxes do not make me younger, older, sexier, funnier, happier, holy nor whole. Taxes do not make my marriage, do not promote safe sex. (what is that anyway?) Taxes only remove from someone else's blessings and stomp it into ugly unrecognized numbers of failure.

"But it has always been that way" is no Xcuse. And no, I don't think it is my fair share. The problem of this American Nightmare is that we think we are waking up in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave - and we aren't, we are waking up to more of the same, bigger and better and more disheartening. I don't mind being in combat in my sleep, I get to wake up or die and it is over. In the Nightmare of America today - there is no waking up, just fines and penalties for the current set of politician's problems... and your inability to pay more faster so I can spend it faster than anyone can count it.

My recommendation? Everyone pay your taxes in pennies (coin of the realm) and demand a hand written receipt - and No! you cannot use machines to count it -- you government employees - that is UNION busting! A pound of pennies is like $1.93, you know what your taxes were in 2011, by now I hope. X dollars divided by 100 and then divide by 193 to find how many pounds you would have to drag to meet the tax collector. Do Unions pay taxes? They run just like a business and make a profit for their leadership. Don't they?

I am not one of those FILTHY RICH PEOPLE, but I would have to drag 8804.66 pounds of pennies to pay for my success last year. Just pour it on Mister President, break the back of America.


Old NFO said...

I'd need a forklift too... This is just plain ridiculous... and there is no chance that taxes will ever go down in our lives.

Merlyn said...

Oh, I try to think how blessed I am to have enough money to throw away under the guise of paying taxes.

Earl said...

Okay, Merl, you definitely do have a point about how blessed we are to have enough to have to pay taxes, but that does take away from your gifts to others you know need your help.

In a way, since I tithe I know that I will always have enough, no matter what the government does, and if I don't I will go work for what ever I need to provide. They may not be teaching that well in schools - certainly isn't in the government's philosophy.