Friday, April 15, 2011

The took all my oPTomism.....

I don't by the lottery tickets - if I won the big one the government would want a large (forty percent) tax on the winnings, and since when I bought the ticket for a dollar, thirty-five cents went straight into the State Treasury. Bookies don't make that kind of profit, and someone would say it was for the children and their education, sigh. They don't get tired of lying do they?

My dream last night had me stuffed into a steel solitary cell, sleeping on the floor the only light was through the pass-thru. Well, that dream came from no kind of reality in my personal life. Although I do remember in High School my girl friend telling me not to get caught (she thought I was so much badder than I really was) after one of those Civics class tours of the local Law Enforcement and Court system.

I have most of the internet turned off, all of the Main Stream Media and sixties and seventies ROCK thumping through my home, when my wife is away. I am wandering the Liaden Universe where everyone is a killer, but polite, and rules is only trumpt by Clan Call. My kind of place time to go back to fiction, so much more entertaining than reality. I did get out to the Credit Union to be charmed by the tellers, then the helpful folks at the Safeway, Walgreens and Radio Shack -- last stop in the real world was at the Public Library, looking for the strange men on computers, sitting beside the eight year old looking for something to heist for a book report or essay.

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Old NFO said...

Fiction IS my hidey hole too... I cannot fathom the people that are glued to the boob tube and these reality shows. That just doesn't make sense to me, as I have NO desire to live vicariously through others... My life is full enough as is!