Monday, April 18, 2011

Okay, get ready for forty more...

Forty seems to be an important number in the Bible, forty days and nights, forty days in the Wilderness, and Lent is how many days? So upon reflection with my family I figure the Lord will grant me all He needs and it could be forty more - of what ever He wants.

I have the potential for a Ligonier Valley High School Class Reunion (1966) this August the third weekend thereof. Seems like that is the same weekend that I was likely to go to Coeur dAlene, ID - Aug 20-21 for an Appleseed to check on Evenstar's becoming a full Instructor (I was asked to present the Red Hat). Hmm, will have to look hard at that weekend really. I know I can make Idaho, Pennsylvania is far, far away in time and space. My wife is leaving me at the end of August and returning to her home and family and friends for a whole month. I have been trying to get her to go for the last three years, but it is time so the tickets have been purchased.

I was once a young man, I admire the energy of those I meet on the Appleseed trail, full of things I once had - and sharing it so well. All I have to do is run faster to keep up, ha, ha! We went to church yesterday morning, a beautiful day, I was of course dressed so well, in one of my fat man suits. The Pastor almost got me up to testify - so close, that was scary. Going to miss him, he is off to North Carolina in July, my son's family is probably moving in July, too. I may not get to visit beautiful Hawaii for a bit, wouldn't go there if the family weren't living there, the grandson grows much too quickly. I did tell you that he read all the letters of the alphabet to his proud parents and grandparents over Well, I should have. I don't know who I was more amazed at - his reading of the letters or his grandmother's total freaking out with pride. Can't hug through the marvelous medium of binary circuits and bits and bytes.... can one?

I broke down and purchased a Kindle, they are having special sales events since the more better best one is about to be released. I have already found my first free book to download, checked the reviews. Yes, I know I am cheap and old fashioned, and lots of what I would want to carry around on a pocket library is going to be free, although I could sell lots of my excess books at half price book store and then buy the e-books I want of those authors and titles that pluck the strings of my mind... no one touches my heart -- save those that love me.


Old NFO said...

Great news on the Grandson, and I truly hope your wife enjoys her trip! The trips you take are up to you, and as always, you will choose well!

threecollie said...

Wow, he is a clever lad, but not surprising considering his fine family. If you travel I know you will travel well.