Sunday, May 29, 2011

Changes, lots of changes...

I am wearing 36x30 Dickie blue jeans, because I (just barely) can. They do look better than the 40x32 and 38x30 ones I have been wearing for a bit. Since I started the road work again, gently jogging (lumbering-slogging like) I feel more in control of my life. Don't think I will ever be skinny again, left that when I left RVN in 1971, but I might get a bit healthier before I die.

Since I have done two longer routes in the last four days I went and purchased another heart rate monitor for my jogging. I set it up (needed a magnifying glass for the little print) this morning, and took off at about 0615 for 43m44s. I got way more information than I needed but since I could monitor when I was in the ZONE, where the training I wanted was at, I could stop myself from daydreaming about whatever and slowing down. So I didn't. What I liked is that it only changed by a few minutes the times I had been jogging around that short run. So it meant I hadn't fallen completely off the wagon. I might save myself yet.

My wife was feeling Springlike and wore a dress and light sweater to church, then felt a bit strange as she noticed so much of her legs were in view - not a problem with pants or her Winter-time long skirts and dresses. With me, it wasn't any problem, I look forward to warmer weather and Summer.

On television was a sigh of concern that the Space Shuttles are going to No More. But they don't recognize that as the Hadrian's Wall of the American Empire, but your great grandchildren will. Whatever language they speak by that time. I don't think it will be Latin. My brother was trying to tell me that Spanish wasn't the second most used language in the United States - but then never did tell me what he thought it was, I looked it up in the Wikipedia and found out that he was right not to tell me.

I was looking for a safari jacket for hiding all my fat and my concealed carry - I wasn't hunting too hard, I have too many jackets, sweaters and shirts - I am an American aren't I? I am supposed to have too much of everything my heart desires. If I can't afford it, there will be a lender somewhere. I got a nice shirt to throw over it all, and then read that Open Carry is very accepted in Washington State, how cool is that? They aren't as far out as Alaska and Arizona and Vermont - but way up there. That takes care of the silly sign at the Military Post, just open carry. No, the military has no sense of humor as an organization.

I hung the Bennington Flag on a wall, love that flag, represents to me that Liberty and Freedom are in the people, not the Congress, since it met many of the guidelines of the National Flag of the Revolutionary period. I don't like rattlesnakes half as much some folks. I do need to find a real good replacement, strong red to resist the Sun, and embroidered seven point stars not a print on a blue background and made in America. Of course, somewhere out there someone would be making that flag - or as I find time and talent (never happen) I could sew my own! What a dreamer...

Well, the real American Flag is flying outside - tomorrow we go to half staff until noon. It is about the Honored Dead, Roaring Thunder is about the dead - and the fact that politicians in Washington DC don't honor them, they send their children and grandchildren off on other military adventures for little reason except that they can and it might work. Someone wanted to make something of Sarah Palin going to Washington and maybe being part of Rolling Thunder - no one ever makes anything of me when I sneak into that town and visit the Wall and Arlington National Cemetery. I am not there for the press to make money and advertising budget growth. Pray about the lost and those still here looking for the right direction and be safe out there.


Joycelyn said...

I'm biting - since I don't find anything but Spanish as the 2nd language on Wikipedia, just what is it & why isn't it spanish?

Earl said...

You would have to ask Wynn, I was and am sure that Spanish is the second most used language in the United States of America.

Do you know Vermont became an independent nation in 1777?