Friday, May 27, 2011

Rain is pouring again, in waves of course...

Puget Sound has waves, tides, salt water, seals, sea lions, Orcas and stuff, and it rains, really rains, about eight months of the year. Today as I prepared to go jogging I was distracted by my blog roll check. Lovely people out there and have to read them to find out what is really happening. But by the time I visited Indianapolis for the second time (I have a lot of bloggers to follow from that state, hmm...) I looked out the window and went to the back porch to wonder at the squirrel racing down his tree and the sheets of water coming down. The gutters were cleaned by me, and the water is flowing out nicely now.

When will I get my jog in? That is a good feeling and position to be in, of the last eight days I have jogged seven, yesterday's was a longer loop, for an hour and eleven minutes - if I told you the seconds also I would be silly, but the watch notes automatically. And I am starting to get wild and stretch it a bit on the gait (this is my story and I tell it like I feel it) partly it is from remembering when I was racing other road guards passing the double-timing platoons on the way to the next intersection or road crossing. I was Way So Much younger and leaner then, but that was when I discovered I didn't have enough iron in my blood to donate the Red Cross, they gave me juice and cookies anyway. Long ago and so far away.

In the reality around here, is the fact that the second time I shaved yesterday the blade felt so smooth as it glided across my face - yeah, the memory does go quickly doesn't it? It was the very smooth glide that made me think I had shaved a few hours earlier. Finished a quick read by Patrick A. Vanner, who may want to replace David Weber - at least at the high school age reader level. RAGNAROK Good fast fun read, Space Opera. More women in uniform and combat, more casual sexual relations, more acceptance of homosexual relationships and potential such. That is a formula, even the little dig about the heroine not wanting children on her ship, although she was sworn to the Survival of the Human Race. So I enjoyed the book - I still think like a fool young man - and discarded with note the things that wouldn't work in my world. I will likely have to go back to reading some things from the Nineteenth Century to get re-oriented on reality, mine anyway.

The NFO mentioned Frank W. James's book Effective Handgun Defense, that should be a required reading for those thinking of concealed carry from the practical and technical view point. Just the facts, mam'm. I go back to it often, since I don't have all the access to all the types and kinds, and will always learn something on every read. When I think about weapons and their use, I can go back to sword swingers, spear carriers and archers. Most of them weren't concealed carry, and were weapons not tools. Knives and hatchets were multi-use.

In the notes on the continuing Earl falls out of the technological tethers (cell phone, iPad, and connections) I see that real letter writing and communication has fallen to sound bites and bits and nips of text. I don't want to know how little communication would get one deep into a romance in the current youth (11 to 21?) Since I have been watching how little of substance has been said by the politicians and their handlers, it wouldn't be many letters to full mating. Hmm, who is that guy that thinks pens make for better writing and much better thinking? Hmm, today he is recommending one of my favorite types of writing pens. Must be a sign, time to go and do some real road work, as soon as the Sun break hits.

Too many 'hmm's.

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Old NFO said...

Earl, we truly live in a different world than the one we grew up in... And I don't necessarily think it's for the better. 30 sec sound bites DON'T always tell the truth...