Sunday, May 8, 2011

It is Mother's Day, and she is only a memory...

Skipping Heart

Today I'm chased by my own heart
it's skipping all around.
It jogs way up ahead of me
and doesn't come on down.

I have to capture it right now
and put it back in place.
But it is such a happy heart
it knows it'll win the race.

It has no blackened depth,
it's full of love and joy and song,
it's corners are all daffodils,
it cannot see a single wrong.

I've put it back inside of me,
and now my steps have spring,
my face is full of loving smiles,
and joy's my current thing!

Melba Dungey

I do hope you have had a wonderful loving Mother's Day, not for the commercial portion of getting gifts and such, but for a chance to hug her one more time before it is too late. And for those of y'all that don't appreciate babies and bother, children and chaos and chores --- you are missing the best part of living and loving. Take care out there.

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