Friday, May 6, 2011

Since I seem to be wandering lost in life...

I did my taxes, there was a Not Later Than date, paid them, too. But I did have to raise my debt limit to do that. Actually, I have lots of debt limit un-used, I am not borrowing to pay interest, although there are people in the world that do that and the government of the United States of America, promotes that thought process because they don't want to explain their incompetence. My sister is still struggling with my mother's estate, seems Mom didn't have any beneficiaries for her IRAs once Dad preceded her in death. And some IRS agent of ten years doesn't know how that is handled, duh? We figure the IRS will want to tax the IRA on an instant distribution, NOW!, and then will hope the entire estate is LARGE enough to tax it again. If only my rich Mom, had only paid her fair share. Thank you sister for taking the brunt of the paperwork and calls in settling the estate. But don't forget to go and do something fun. Three fifths of your grandchildren are within hugging distance.

That is all coming together with the idea that Earl isn't doing enough to get ready for tomorrow, which ever day that is, it is coming.

So I have Quicken 2010, and need to catch up on all the transactions and the current state of my wife's and my investments, debts and why are we doing that? That should be first computer priority, and since it is on a computer blocked off of the internet, I am safe from Islamic Terrorists looking for AARP members with money and IDs that could be compromised. So, PRIORITY ONE, get the Quicken done, continue to use it and update and then make sure my wife knows where it is.... and how it works kind of... and send off the passwords to my son, and brother if they are looking. Not ready to liquidate and move into a studio and wait for the last trumpet.

The other thing is the family history, in some regards I and my wife got married on a date, lived, raised a son and died on some date in the future. For me that has never been enough -- but they don't really spend time talking after dinner about family and such, we don't write letters and although facebook is INSTANT communications, it isn't elegant and way too many friends would see how poor my virtual farming is... So I have piles of papers of the past, family traditional stories - which don't always match the paper trail (go with the family story!) and a really neat book that my Aunt Velva helped put together so many of the names and dates are good, it was updated years later, have that one, too. I also have a software program to stick the stuff into, including pictures, documents (PDF?), and places for a bit of a narrative. So that could be priority THREE.

I know, you want to know what priority two is... well, I have to live long enough to do the other two things.

In truth, I don't have to fill in the Quicken or the Family Tree programs, I have to live in Love of the Lord, see (really visit) those that I can and talk and listen. But for sure I don't need MSNBC, FOX, ABC or other major News Reports... I am old news and wonderfully boring.

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Old NFO said...

Old and boring is MUCH better than the options Earl!!! :-)