Wednesday, May 4, 2011

okay, it is May, lets plan on riding in June....

My dreams were great, a library, in the strange dream library and I had two pistols for some reason and trouble concealing one of them? Okay but it was a very happy dream. Must have been the patrons and my co-workers, not a prison?

Valley Forge is coming right along, until I found a 18th Century man using the word propaganda - that reminded me of 'proactive', which I will discuss never again anywhere. Yes, propaganda was a fine Italian word, but the modern meaning of it in context and history didn't start until the Twentieth Century. Back to the word 'active', inactive, reactive, Xactive, ex-active (me RETIRED!), but no one is a "Pro" at activity except my grandmother, Beulah (Tubbs) Dungey.

Go to go, the virtual farms are finished for the morning, for such a non-drinker I sure do make a lot of alcoholic drinks, my wine cellar has some very good years.

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