Monday, May 2, 2011

I will give you my opinion...

President Obama interrupted my Blues last night, to say "I" way too many times about how he was the ONE that ordered and approved and commanded the deed be done.

Since he had live video, and instant communications(speed of transmission time) he was on top of the attack and thrilled for every minute of it. Now, once the mission started the communications could have been stopped and exactly the same outcome would have happened. Really, not one of those team members were listening to hear the President tell them that was a target, that was not a target.... I just went to the range on Saturday, and I never heard all that shooting and talking that was going on around me as I took my shots. The teams did very well, and since this was the same Commander in Chief that was holding their pay hostage until the Republicans broke to his way of the budget he and the Democrats didn't finish before the last election, I think he should be very happy that they were finally paid after their family members had the instructions on how not to come to work because the Military was going to serve for free and die as long as it took the Republicans to wake up to the threat.

There will not be an end to American Aid and military presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan will still get way too much money from America for being a bad ally. You want to balance the budget, quit giving money to countries that can make it on their own. And since Osama Bin Laden is no more, maybe the TSA can leave now, too?

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