Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Fools Day...

When I told my wife I had flipped all the calendars she named it May Fools Day, since the picture on one calendar was of two teenage boys peeking at two bathing young ladies in a stream, it fit. The day itself is full of Summer promises, blue skies temperature to fifty-eight, nice day for riding my Trusty Triumph to church and back, having been stirred up for the LORD, the rest of the month ought to be interesting. Several of the men asked if my wife had ridden with me, I told them she has ten miles as passenger on my motorcycle, and I have over twenty-seven thousand plus miles on the odometer. So I asked when they were getting their bikes, like my guns no real takers, I am not common enough a commoner.

I came home alone, did my lunch warming and napped and read and watched a movie - not very industrious. But this is Sunday and it works for rest and restoring one's focus upon the coming week. The piles of paper await, close up April, and prepare for eight more months of doing more better. I will be applying for work tomorrow, none of the Lottery tickets paid more than a dollar, sigh. More government pipe dreams (that comes from early opium smoking 19th Century). When my wife did get home, she crashed in front of the television, too. I make an evening pot of coffee, tune into Blues on KPLU (they have some kind of streaming) but I don't stream much of anything, nothing seems fast enough for my attention. That could be because everyone wants part of my computer monitor for their opportunities to enlighten me on the wonders of their products and merchandise. More like television/cablevision every day - if I have enough money to link up, they wants some of it. I did catch an email from J. Ringo out of the tornadoed area, battery powered on a Hooters wifi - how will it be in the end of days?

Flowers are coming, some real gardeners are looking fine, and our roses, and others are just about to start making statements. But if you are looking for snow, we have some roads up to that level around here. Y'all take care out there, and do great things.

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Old NFO said...

Nice pic! and yes we DO have opportunities!