Saturday, May 21, 2011

So she is open carrying today...

I have an idea that no one will notice. Most people won't be able to tell what someone wore or didn't when they aren't sitting observing. Which is what most people do with their day, not sit and not observe -- they want a drama but don't want to be part of it. Makes television possible.

I haven't heard anything from Washington DC that makes any sense on the budget (since Ryan), and silence is not an answer. No one studies History... The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was because the Articles of Confederation weren't working to solve the problems of that United States of America. So we should default on the borrowing more, raise interest rates, call the troops back home and disband them, stop pretending to be the Savior of Democracy and get back on track. Looking at the voting, of ratification, it might not have become the law of the land. Without the Bill of Rights, which seem to have also been unstudied recently, the whole thing would have crumbled. Is it possible to have a better government? Not with the current lack of morals in America. Nope, make that the World. The people that believe in the Lord, Law and labor (for themselves and their posterity) are never the ones that idle about making life difficult for everyone else.

More for sale signs going up in the neighborhood, constant changing of families for the military, for jobs, for changing social events, marriage, births, deaths, and divorce. It only takes a day to take a ten year relationship and pack it up to go to Arizona, Pima County. They will be missed.

Not really worth a post, but I would have told you that I slept nine hours and that last dream was of bloggers and facebook friends that I was having a meeting with about DynaRamas and modeling battlefields and stage coaches. Go figure.

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Old NFO said...

We ARE a moving society now Earl... There are not any more 'stable' neighborhoods like we grew up in.