Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, what would you do if the wife went home...

Just for the month of September, not really that long. But as I picked up my American Motorcyclist magazine, there was an interesting idea - someone else had and so they call it the USA4corners at Now that sounds interesting, and I could still visit a few folks on the way, could do a little riding in Canada, they only care about the corners, not how you get to them, so the mileage is never the same. I like the idea, will look into that and see, it costs a hundred dollars? Pay to ride? Okay, I get a patch, no t-shirt?

I will really have to have a daily exercise routine, to take along with the medications and sleep and fuel and food. Yep, interesting idea, Start in Blaine, to Maine, to Florida, to California and then home... so cool.

The President of the United States said they wanted to go back to the pre-1967 Israeli borders of King Solomon, which would substantially increase the size of Israel. That was what he said wasn't it?

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