Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are they going to sell out?

Sure they are. So Harry Potter, that fine set of books found by children and spread more by word of mouth is done, wait for the boxed BlueRay set. I did love the books, hated that the movie didn't have the characters in my mind on the screen. Hmm, never watched another Harry Potter movie after I learned how to play that game.

So my brother tells me they are advertising A Dance with Dragons everywhere. Not where I am or on my Korean cable, I am still getting the medicine snake-oil shows on being young, sexy and mobile... the Scooter Chair? Actually, one of the reason George R. R. Martin hadn't been finishing his epic of Ice and Fire, is that he has been watching the production of the HBO movie (made in Middle Earth New Zealand, of course). I won't be watching it, maybe ever, the series isn't finished and I don't want the characters in my mind to dissolve in the foolishness of digital production.

Picnic today, and a low pressure cell is bringing lots of rain, sigh. I will go jog and maybe by the time I return Congress and the gangsta President (I will cut off your Social Security and Medicare!) will have a deal. No, that would be a very long jog, maybe the ladies of the houses will decide if we are having a picnic at all by the time I return. Better make this a quick one! Love you, laugh at Washington, DC, and remember these are exactly the same stupid people trying the same stupid cures for a life of excess - we need more monastic retreats to clean the body, mind and spirit. Love in the Lord. Amen.

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Old NFO said...

A difference Earl, 'we' actually use our minds to populate the characters in books, rather than just taking the pablum fed to the young by TV and movies.