Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do you know your credit score?

I hear the advertisements all the time, that I need to know my credit score, that I need to improve my credit score and it has consequences if I don't. Hmm, but I don't care about my credit score - really. Life is not about BORROWING MONEY! Yes, I do borrow, yes I do pay it back. No, I can wait for the extra big home with the live in maid, six car garage and people trying to kill me (movie plot for Batman?)

So we have a government, that until recently didn't care about its Credit Score, they don't even worry about showing a profit. Number of people that can read at High School level is dropping - FAIL (oops!, that would be judgmental wouldn't it?). We have an agency that took tactical Nuclear weapons and made sure they were sold to terrorists so they could find the fat cats to prosecute -- FAIL (okay, it was only thousands of semi-automatic weapons to drug cartels to prove that there was a market for illegal activity in Mexico). This government that can't shoot straight, operate safe and legally needs to crash.

Where is it written that government illegal and unsafe activity will not be stopped nor prosecuted to the full extent of the law? You too can be a drunk or under the influenced driver if you are a Congressman, you can engage in unwanted sexual acts (yes, that is rape) if you are a Congressperson. What you can't do is be brave enough to make tough choices on spending, taxing and telling the truth. Seems that too many Congresspeople and Senators are cowards.

The mess in Washington DC isn't going to get better by raising the debt limit, automatically they would spend until they have to raise it again. The criminal activities of the different agencies would be explained as Homeland Security, or too secret to let us live.. I am sure that the two primary political parties will soon melt down, when it is the POWER of the Federal government that needs to be dismantled. The normal threats came out from my Democratic Party Senator, I live in the State of Washington, both Senators are women and Democrats, the governor is a woman and a Democrat and a former Governor is going to represent the US to China.

When the President got tough and said nothing on Prime time about the CRISIS, caused by his lack of leadership and mismanagement (he doesn't have to fill positions and can quietly close inefficient agencies - every day of the week, he is the chief executive - he can bring all the troops home from Afghanistan), I received my email from my Senator, and I responded and told her what needs to disappear, TSA, BAFTE, and some other things. They won't listen, I don't have millions for their political campaigns, nor do I need millions from them to make my life beautiful.

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