Monday, July 25, 2011

It is true, I spend too much time away from reality...

I should be jogging right now, only have to put my shoes on,,, and finish my coffee and fight off all the reasons that I won't do well if I start now.

I had to take a picture and then modify it so no one can use facial recognition on me, then post it and take off.

I woke at 0745 this morning, Weight 226.4 pounds, I don't really worry about the BP any longer, most of mine is because I see stupidity daily - the President, the Congress, the Media -- sigh, without television I would be so mellow.

I don't take my hand weights today, I did yesterday and really worked hard in a shorter period of time and distance, today I was going to work well in a longer period and distance. It was better to feel good about the form, the stretch and the run (almost real running, for an old man). I enjoyed the time, the feeling, the knowing it was a pretty good run, not a tottering jog, I was happy.

So I am back.

This morning's blood pressure check 146/81 Hr 38
three minutes after the run or so 126/77 Hr 56

The jog was 1 hour, 4 minutes, 8 seconds. Max Heart Rate 150, Average Hr 112,
Above the Zone (110-125) 5 minutes 34 seconds, Below the Zone 24 minutes 20 seconds, INZONE! 34 minutes 15 seconds total estimated calorie burn 829 and I have to wash those jogging clothes... fast!

Run more, medicate less and no television nor talk radio while jogging gently.

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Old NFO said...

Good for you Earl, you ARE doing the right things in the right ways!