Thursday, July 21, 2011

Such a weak man, no discipline.... sigh... aren't we all?

I was lost, actually finding my way, in A Storm of Swords all of yesterday. I kept telling myself I had time in the near future to stop, close the book and get out and jog - I did. But I didn't stop close the book and go jog. The book just grabbed hold and wouldn't let go, I was up until 0100 finishing it. Now, one day away from the exercises and jogging is probably good for me. My weight and blood pressure are better today than yesterday. Maybe I need to stop typing and go jog to get it done today? My wife is shaking her head at what time it is that we are starting today - 0930 PDT.

I listen and hear that there is a moral decline in America, we were so much better long ago and far away. I think I am much stronger morally now, than I was thirty or forty years ago - but I ran farther daily, was busy at work and read and studied more than I do now, and I was building my family's foundation and future by counting pennies and investing for our IRAs and such. I was prettier, too. NOT! I didn't use a credit card as much as I do now but I had one. I played games with the guys, too. I don't really now.

I am playing two virtual games on facebook, FarmVille and Empires & Allies. Both games are for the profit of the creators of the game - both of them have silly stuff and both of them want you to find your friends and play together - one would hope I was old enough to have friends and had friends that would play along. I have a few.

Virtual toys pack away so well, just go to another blog site or ask Google for something and the toys are gone until you return. One of the ways to achieve greater success in farming or building empires is to whip out the credit card and buy your way to the top, get the good stuff right now. Instant Gratification! Yeah! That is the American way now, isn't it? Since I like to play games I try to cooperate with my allies or neighbors, but not to beat them up with a hundred messages about how something wonderful has happened in my life (facebook, anyone?). In the end I want to do well without buying anything. Which is another level of play, isn't it? I can't see spending real money for virtual Harrier Jump Jets.

I have to get my political message in here - before I breakfast and jog and start reading A Feast for Crows --- the ruling elite think they are playing a real game with virtual dollars - and that it doesn't really cost anything. But it does, just like using that credit card for whims... you have to pay the tab, tax and interest later when no longer under the spell of the moment. When you wake up to reality. Hmm, I ordered A Feast for Crows from on 6 June, 2005. Takes George R. R. Martin a long time to get me to re-read all those books for his next one. D-Day, plus seventy-one years... you do figure all dates from D-Day, don't you?

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