Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They really do love us and are going to take care of us...

I have been trying to get leaner and sexier and just the really cool guy with the kindle (the only male image on television smarter than the female in the same commercial). But although I really turned it on and had a great jog yesterday - by not looking at my Heart Rate monitor and just running - although I edged and mowed the front yard and burned more real calories - my wife bought ice cream and fixed me a bowl of it and poured chocolate syrup over it. She does love me, or wants that life insurance money sooner... Nah, she loves me, if you knew who I really am, you would have to know my wife has to have a ton of dreams and two tons of forgiveness to stick around me long.

But isn't that just like our elected and selected representatives in Washington, DC? They want to be loved, tell us we are doing a great job, and be chosen to do this again and again and again.... Obama hates successful people that don't pay their fare share, the TEA party'ers want restraint and freedoms (yeah, I thought about that when I wrote it), and the normal politicians don't know they aren't telling you the truth nor realize that you don't want all the stuff they want to give you for your protections. They love us and are getting us something sweet, and potentially harmful if consumed in massive amounts. Just like my wife.

I want the wars over, they don't make more sense than the Vietnam one, and if you aren't going to fight it to victory - you are wasting your time and effort. That includes the War on Poverty, Drugs, Terror. I don't want Poverty, Drugs or Terror to be legal -- nope, I just want to stop having special police forces that assume godlike powers in the name of excess will work best. Stopping all those 'wars' will free up lots of money. So when we have a REAL war, and decide to declare it and fight it until victory, we can get back to being a better nation again. Hmm, I guess it won't happen, better eat the rest of that ice cream today and go buy another couple of gallons for my temporary satisfaction... isn't that what our government is about to do? More temporary satisfaction because we just all want to be loved, and don't you really like this flavor? Try this one... rumor has it the Amish are doing alright.

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