Friday, July 29, 2011

When did 'adult' become the adjective for ... stuff your Mama wouldn't approve of?

Just finished the Dance With Dragons yesterday, and cut my yard. But I was saddened, the story is well written, keeps you dragged into the mess, but it is getting predictable -- OH! that can't be good. Am I going to wait for the next book? Sure. Am I going to care if it never gets written, NO... it is only a story, a big story, with lots of people that you begin to grow fond of, then they kill them, or make them Zombies or something... I hope, just because I don't need to wish ill of anyone, that George R. R. Martin lives to finish this epic, or that he has a better writer waiting to cover it all and bring it to a close after he is gone. What is Rowlings doing now that Harry Potter finished? No, she isn't the one I would choose to finish this, I never continued to read the next Harry Potter book, and I think I read all of Nero Wolfe's books, Donald Hamilton's Matt Helm and such.

Seems that the Media is going to support the White House and the Senate in that the Republicans are the problem on the Debt Ceiling being raised. I noticed that no one being worried about Muslim terrorists, again, that the Weapons of Mass destruction are getting rolled out. The problem with the Debt Ceiling is that the Federal Government doesn't need to spend to that limit! The current and Bush's Treasury Secretary say that terrible things are going to happen if we don't raise the limit. That should be an indicator that the same folks that gave all those dollars away under two different Presidents, to the same RICH bankers and Money Laundrying folks, are going to do it again.

What happens to the banks if they can't loan money out at higher rates? for cars and mortgages? Well, they will have to reduce their rate to compete. What happens if they can't borrow cheap money from the Federal Reserve to loan at higher rates to the chump consumers that watch Main Stream Media for the next CRISIS? Well, they might have to offer better savings and investment rates on Savings and Investment items (bonds). Right now it is a closed field, big fat banks loan to big fat banks, and skin the little consumers (credit cards anyone?) as the Credit Unions start to look like banks and loan sharks as they get bigger, they will start to look like the Big Banks, and the Big Banks will want to swallow and rob them like they did the Savings and Loan Associations during Reagan's rule.

Now the Main Stream Media and the professional politicians want to scare the little consumer but big voter into thinking that all this must be done or the end of the World is coming, December 2012 according to the Discover/History Channel. Just like the gasoline price, you will pay or stop driving so much, ask the Oil Companies if they noticed the change in driving patterns? It certainly affected how much we go out, drive and what we buy. Not as much as it could have since I am almost certainly only worried about looking sexier.... NOT.

About the 'adult' beverages, 'adult' entertainment, 'adult' language, 'adult' situations... well, I have for years described the Saga of Ice and Fire as an adult fantasy... but then I realized that I would have been supporting 'adult' stupidity for people to go read this, since I liked and recommended it. There is the worst language; fantasy profane, vulgar and obscene, and not enough GOOD people fighting evil. Sure enough, even the fictional Religious folks are as wrong as the criminal thugs and rulers running around. Perhaps too much of the author's opinion of the Sinful Nature of Man and the complete idiocy of thinking gods care about anything less than themselves comes through too easily. Yeah, I don't have to read another book by this Author in this series, if he writes some before he dies I will. I also don't have to worry about the Debt Crisis in Washington, DC and well covered by FOX, ABC and MSNBC and other people trying to promote my longer sexual activity with three different pills for potency, or my Gold investments. Remembering that some Chinese character for the Greek Chaos is also one of Opportunity... who makes this stuff up? Oh, me.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, but we are also STILL fighting on three fronts... and not a peep in the media about that... sigh

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