Monday, August 1, 2011


I spent the weekend at an Appleseed, seems I was wanted to cause tears and get hugged (big harmless teddy bear - me?), or I was an unpaid photogenic challenge. Don't worry, I had a wonderful time, met great people, had fun talking to kids and adults and watching the shooting and story telling. The two long drives weren't good for me, the two nights of solid sleep were. Don't drive into the setting Sun, stop and take a nap while the world turns to darkerness, I almost found those vehicles in front of the eighteen wheeler.

More people should do Appleseeds, at least once - not the real Gun Crowd, but the little people in fly over country everywhere. Marksmanship is an enriching experience, doing it with bows and butts in Merry Ol'England or rifles on the range in America, from the Frontier into the Future. You cannot beat the price of admission and you will learn how to improve your ability with the rifle you brought. You will also hear the stories of the History of April 19th, 1775, which is a why America, what went wrong and what was wrought right.

I was particularly invited because I seem to have mentored many of the instructors at this shoot somewhere on their Appleseed trail, and one of the birthday ladies wanted to get her red hat from Earl that had kind of encouraged her. There were two ladies that shared a birthday, and they were both named "Heather". So we got to sing a famous song and we got CAKE! Thank you to the ladies that helped provide it. It speaks well of America, no matter what they are doing in Washington DC and the media - that there are solid wives/mothers that take such good care of everyone around them, and they really shoot straight.

The prettiest girl prize went to the young lady with pierced ears and the Appleseed Striped Tree Frog in a drink cup. The ugliest Guy was yours truly, but I work hard on that, have to have something to be good at.

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Old NFO said...

Good for you Earl- Leadership AND a legacy! Doesn't get much better than that.