Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trusty Triumph still broke but I am not... too much...

The weekend wiped me out, for many reasons but still it was worth a bit of pain and older being. So I got a slower and gentler start on Monday, and that wasn't a bad thing. I did have to go jog, didn't take the hand weights. Said hello to a neighbor lady that told me to run for her, which is to make me chuckle. I jogged on, a little longer route but I was not pushing, I was just along for the ride and if I slowed down I didn't want to know, I was on the road and happy. Such a beautiful day for it. As I came down my last stretch before the home one an older gentleman in one of those powered chairs was going to his mailbox, I must have looked bad, because he hollered that his motor was stronger than mine, and I chuckled and said that mine was self (powered was unsaid). I love being in a country where there are options for those that can't get around, having been in countries where they sit in carts on the ground and push with whatever is left of their arm or legs to move. Well I finished the jog, and it took me an hour and six minutes and thirty seconds.

Today I felt much better and I picked up the hand weights (only 3.5 pounds total) and hit the road harder and faster. I was going to do the shorter route, but the day was so beautiful that I decided to do the exact same route I did yesterday - as long as I didn't break down it would be great. So as I ran I thought, this is exactly like the worker or businessman, loaded down with weight (Taxes!) so they can cover the lack of ability of others. It doesn't work for the seventy year old lady - her heart isn't stronger because I run with weights, it doesn't power that older Vets chair to get him to the mailbox. It doesn't even make my run better balanced nor healthier for myself. If I was working on getting sexy the extra weight wouldn't do it. Total time on the jog, 58 minutes and 42 seconds.

In the Zone yesterday 2 minutes 4 seconds, today 41 minutes 8 seconds. Total calorie burn yesterday 645, today 897. Still didn't do anything for the lady or the old vet.

People sent me an article about taxes, and others try to tell me about taxes. In the end you should remember that "In God we Trust" and then remember that government is not god (even with a little 'g'). And not everything can be fixed, improved nor eliminated. Surest cure for drug or alcohol addiction is death, or the addict's decision to stop. Most other things don't work. Does that mean tough love is better than casting one's bread upon the water? Don't know, do know that I thank God that I can jog, joyously. I don't thank the government, they have so little to do with it.

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