Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And why are you unhappy? 9/11 edition...

I dropped into a couple of my favor blogs and found some fuel to jot out a note.

It could be that one of the many reasons most Americans are not perfectly pleased with the World as they see it -- it could be because we haven't won the WAR on TERROR. And they know we should have, they know we shouldn't have been attacked, and if the government is helpless to protect us (remember they grounded all flights in fear).

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get the anniversary messages, ten years ago this thing happened, and we finally killed the leader of that terrorist gang. Ten years, because we chose to do other things --- pretending that fear, or terror would never happen again. That those people will just have to change and get to be like us so much better. I was on a walk with some staff and tried to explain to the Secretary of State (only of Washington State) that the reason we weren't going to win in Iraq or Afghanistan was that we didn't dream the same dreams, didn't have the same old stories to reinforce values, conduct and culture. Nation building is neo-colonialism, and thinking that just by being Americans we will be able to convert the radicals to moderates is so Leftist (although Lenin and Mao would have done it so very differently).

So maybe when it comes to Obamacare, the economy, or the basic value of our lives we just aren't happy because 9/11 stands out as unfortunate, unforgiven and very unfinished. The reasons twenty men would commit such an attack have not changed, although the TSA says it has stopped so many more attacks, the FBI is still warning that cowering in your bunker only works when everything stops moving and media aren't invited.

So, what are you doing to make the World safer? Yeah, clean and reload the guns and don't hide, or run away from the shooters. God can save you, the government can't.

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