Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am sure the Post Office is in trouble because...

they aren't operating on a profit principle. There are three or more carriers of packages and delivery services that are making money, but not the US Postal Service. Remembering that those other services can deliver M1 Garands and ammunition to my front door and the postal service can't. Remembering that my wife, who needs to check up on me, can't call our home phone directly and get me to answer - we once wrote each other - well, more than once, and from several different countries with different stamps and currencies. One of my cousins forwarded a little note about the changes in our country over the lifetime of a fifty-nine year old woman - questioned the nickle getting you one first class letter and two postcards, but it was true.

Part of the problem is that politics have been in charge, and more for the little people has always been a goal of politicians. Giving more and more for less. Countless forests have been cleared to provide the bulk of fourth class bulk mail volume.

Messages to Earl in the mail this week, month or last half year - delivered by mail. Four. Messages to Earl delivered by (no, I don't count them, most I delete), lots! Messages left on my home telephone on the answering service, many. I pay for connections and service, and will cut back as I continue to live less in real time and reality.

My wife's friend (Bobby's Mother) called and left a message that my wife had called her, that she couldn't get through to our phone, something is wrong, to call her at her sister's home. So I called three times, and I couldn't get through from this side. I tried but I am not concerned, it didn't happen. And I know when my wife's flight will arrive in SeaTac airport. My cousin, living in New Zealand is off to Brazil to visit her brother. I get that through facebook, nice thing about it is that it is instant and you can pray that her trip and her brother are watched over by the Lord. I was born into a world where mail from South America was by slow boat for bulk (packages) or light weight aerograms, or telegrams of few words but much joy or sorrow almost instantly. Progress, now my wife can expect to get her home telephone answering machine if not her very strange husband.

I am sure that she won't send a letter, but I ought to - just to make her know I miss her and care that she called. Yes, I have her address, I once even knew how to write it in Korean. The English version will work. I have to help the US Postal Service, first class all the way!

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