Friday, September 16, 2011

How, where, when do I find myself?

Oh, and Why?

This is going to be quick, after all I am standing with God and there is so much to do. It looks like there are many people doing just what I am writing about, trying to 'find' themselves. I am not sure it is for themselves as much as to be stereotyped into a consumer classification. Google, facebook and others take all your information, which they gather and bundle to sell to those that really don't know you but want to help you experience - whatever it is they are selling.

I have half a house of failed experience, and it is often in the way, and too heavy to move too often. All the love I have been given, have stolen and grew and gave away - it doesn't weigh much, I never stumble over it in the dark and brings smiles to my heart and lifts my soul. While I was looking into the entertainment wasteland that is called television, or cablevision or whatever service one has, (we really pay for those chains that hold us back?) I found the music, and I have been turning on the Blues, Country and softer stuff, don't have to look at it, and it lifts me up.

Well, I have had interesting emails and real mails, I have stuff to do. Harley-Davidson has realized that the Baby-boomer generation is about done with motorcycling for style and sex. So I guess if I don't look like lovely in the picture I can forget about their product line. Time for breakfast, shave and get on with doing better in preparation of my much better half's return to saving me from lonely.

My cousin is leaving Brazil today, she has been visiting her brother in the hospital, his children are arriving now and she will return to New Zealand. She mentions having lots of God talk while there with people around her, she is a minister/pastor. I like the idea that there are places that having God talk is happening, and even better that people aren't afraid to join in and share, and that it helps define where you could find oneself.

Oh, don't worry about me, I get to call my wife today and exchange visions and values, and she may tell me she loves me, just in case I forgot or she got flighty (that only happens under my youthful influence).


Old NFO said...

We just have to get through the days Earl, business as usual, and time to do the things we need to do.

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