Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stop updating my life, software, games -- please

Adobe has an update, Firefox has an update, facebook games are updating -- everyone is sure it is for a better life for me. But I am so old... I don't need an update that I can't handle, sigh.

I just mention it because now homosexuals may serve proudly in the US Military. Updating the software of social life in military life. Now every service member has always been encouraged to serve proudly in the military. There never has been an aptitude test, combat readiness test nor gender preference test that has been based on sexual orientation. But with that decision the military will have to figure out marriage, partnerships, joint assignments, housing - survivor benefits, and we will have to mark the records so no one in promotions boards will show bias either way based on marital status; martial status has always been fair game.

Oh, I really don't care if I sleep beside a homosexual in the field, combat or in my fighting vehicle - shucks, even if they were a beautiful, hot bod, and so sexy - I just am not going to get attracted to another soldier, sailor or airperson -- and Marines are only great for movies and fighting. What do I do if there is youthful foolish Public Displays of Affection? Well, tell them to cut it out and get back to mature military bearing. I am not going to ask if the Articles in the Code of Conduct about homosexual activity have been rescinded. They didn't change the adultery article, although it is very selectively enforced. Only those things that are disruptive to good order and discipline should ever be noticed and enforced. But most of the military is young, and without sufficient sinning in one's life the tolerance level isn't high enough to stop bullying and fear of failures (survival instincts).

It does seem to be part of the continuing decline in civilization, redefining the family and what is good conduct - what actions people are responsible for, which ones they just couldn't resist.

I did take a picture of the decline of the world near me, but I actually got out of the house, went and stimulated the economy and did some praise worthy activity for home maintenance (don't look too close). Anyway, when there was money and money poured in to increase public transportation the local bus service expanded, and now? Well, there isn't that much money although all the managers hired for the expansion are still working. Do you think there were signs in Rome when the borders closed, the bridges couldn't be maintained, courts were no longer effective...


Old NFO said...

Yeah, DADT went 'live' today... and the BS has already started. And quite a few senior officers and NCOs put in their papers today.

threecollie said...

You are so much nicer than I am about all these changes.